A spot of summer on the coast

January 04, 2015

I was getting a little cabin feverish. Work had kept me home when the weather was good and when I did have a moment to spare the weather gods laughed at me. Eventually a break in the weather came in the form of a bit of wet on the east coast which put a hold on making hay, and a bit of sun came out on the west, so that’s where I went.

My West Coast decision was made the day before I went and unfortunately no body else could make the trek with such short notice just before Christmas, so off I went alone. I got to the coast late on a Wednesday night and hit the floor of my mates flat and slept darn well until my alarm clock went off at 4;30 am. Up I jumped and quietly snuck out to my truck to find the bloody thing had a flat tire. It was raining and my sleeping bag on the floor called, but I perservered and before long I was tootling off down the road ready for whatever lay ahead.

I’d chosen a cracker of a creek to spend the day in, one I know fairly well. Unfortunately the creek was up high enough to really make me think before picking a crossing. I have seen a mate of mine rag dolled down that creek so I treated it with respect, especially touring it alone.

I had a fantastic morning. First animal I bumped into was a solid chamois buck. I quickly put him on the ground. I was a little surprised at his body size when I dragged him out of a bush, he was tiny which made his horns look bigger than they actually were. He went 9 3/4″ so I wasn’t too disappointed!




Twenty minutes later I was pushing through a bit of bush when I bumped into a deer. I wanted some venison for my mate I was staying with, but wasn’t too keen to orphan a fawn. I could see that the deer was big, but I could not see any antlers so I stood frozen for several minutes, as did the deer. Eventually he stepped out and showed himself at a huge range of 8 paces. A bullet under his chin sorted him out, and I had meat aplenty.


My Peak pack heaved a bit under the weight of two venison back legs, backsteaks as well as the meat and head from the Chamois buck, but it did the job and got it all back out to the road.

That eve Mike Mcclunie came down for a night in the bush and another wander up a bit higher. We saw a few more animals and carried out a spiker for Mike’s family to enjoy over the summer break. Then it was time to head home again. Unbelievable. I’ll be back over there soon though, for a little longer I hope but in saying that I don’t like to see an opportunity wasted because even a couple of days can be enough to have some success!






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