A weekend buck; out with the Mrs.

April 25, 2013

The summer went far too quickly. My girlfriend Anna and I bought a house at the beginning of summer, and spent the rest of it renovating. We didn’t get away, just the two of us at all…so I took the opportunity one weekend during the Fallow rut to get out and hunt with just Anna.

We were hunting an area I didn’t know at all. We were on the back of a family friend’s property where we had a nice wee hut to stay in for the weekend. From there we were easily able to hunt and fish without anything else stealing our time and attention.


The first evening was a cracker. We spotted a nice fat fallow spiker and watched it for a while, but nothing else showed, but come the next morning it was all on.


I watched a rather large bodied black buck for a few moments, he stayed around only long enough to realise I didn’t want him.

I saw a few others, but no other bucks!




And then my luck changed. A buck was in the gully straight ahead of me, croaking and chasing around several does. I had a good look and I saw he had palms, brows and Trez tines all there. I ranged him, then settled behind my Grandfathers old .308 for the shot, which put the buck down on the spot.


He had such a fantastic coat. Anna and I hung him in a tree and took our time skinning him perfectly. I am looking forward to getting it back from Ross at Turners Tannery!


With a deer in the tree, there was nothing left to do but relax and enjoy the rest of our weekend on the river with a fishing rod and a beer.


And enjoy a yarn with the locals





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