Alex Broad – Slow opening

May 07, 2012

The anticipation for duck shooting opening this year was intense.  A new pond, a new mai mai and some new people to shoot with.  

Unfortunately a combination of fine weather, very very cagey ducks, poor shooting and our sky busting neighbors meant it wasn’t a super productive shoot.  Over the 2 days we only knocked over 9 birds and went through maybe 1 box of ammo.  Our thoughtful neighbors however would have chewed through the better part of a slab, and it didn’t look like they put any more birds down than we did.  

Anyway, here a few pics for your enjoyment:


We are really keen to hear how everyone else got on around the country, so post a comment below bragging about your final tally’s.  Im sure most of you would have had better shooting than we did.  We still have nearly 2 months left in our season, so plenty of time to make up for a poor opening.

Cheers Alex,

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