Andrew Sturt – Backyard Wapiti

March 13, 2012

Every year in Calgary, Alberta, residents have to contend with gangs of Elk roaming the streets. The animals show up the same time each year to take up residents on some of the finest lawns in the area. These brutes cause quite a few problems for the locals, but I can’t imagine the hunters in the neighborhood would have to many issues being stopped on the way to work by the view of a few giant racks. Plus I bet they don’t have too many problems predicting when the Roars going to get under way.

A nice view with the morning coffee.

These boys are obviously happy to be out in the open during the day.

Check out the head on this guy, enough to make any Fiordland hunter drool.

Best of luck to all the hunters heading into the hills with Wapiti Ballots this year. Remember to let us know how you get on, we would love to see some photo’s.

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