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June 10, 2015

I admit it goats are still my favourite thing to hunt with the bow and we are very fortunate to have them right here by the hundred, the East coast of New Zealand supports a good healthy population and without mans intervention numbers will spiral out of control . Goat numbers will double every three years easy so without hunting in the remote back country the damage they can do is anyone’s excuse to go nail a few not that I need any encouragement I am a cereal goat hunter..

So with my new Elite bow and some new gear to test (namely the new Crucial top) out goes BJ with a quiver full of aspirations and a target of maybe a big billy or two..Things didn’t start to well..

For some reason or another—probably I was in too much of a hurry (as usual) I forgot my release aid, I am worthless without one and looking up the valley at a group of Goats drew frustration I had to down tools get back on the Honda and drive the four Ks back home to get it– BUGGER.


So with that done I now sat wondering where the goats I had seen a km away had got to, had they heard me? this was head scratching wonder and again I cursed my forgetfulness..Finally they appeared in a patch of scrub one white one was giving the gang away, this was good I could stalk that spot easy, be out of sight the whole way and the wind would even work..

So a bit of a climb a quick glance with the binos every 50 or so paces and finally I had  a handy position, I couldn’t see them but I could sure smell them that unforgettable pungent odour almost stinging my nostrils it was so ripe .

My new approach to bowhunting is to be more patient, continuous assessment of trying to read the situation and even guess their next move, this mental game is why I love the sport and goats as they are not the smartest of game animals are the best practise for bigger warier critters.

So the last bit was a crawl a quick range of the trees they were hanging in was 37 yards, if I made it to the nearest Manuka tree I would sit up behind it and take my shot from there off my knees.  As murphy wrote the script on another stalk I was now looking at the small group of which had climbed further away and they were now 45 yards away slightly uphill, I now had no more cover and what was worse they weren’t getting any closer. The five goats drifted away grazing into the slight South Breeze, I was trumped.

Waiting is not one of my strong points, born hyperactive I don’t like sitting still for more than 10 minutes for this hunt there was no other option I had to wait until they grazed over the knoll, I would go again when they disappeared and re access when I could, finally when I did get my chance it was sneek mode scurry up 70 paces to a clump of rushes that would be my best cover. Boom, as luck had it the goats were now 30 odd yards away, the closest was a white billy he was sporting the best horns so as quiet as possible I loaded and arrow drew and held rising on my knees to take the shot, this was a sharp quartering away number I had flank and spare ribs to aim at and before even getting a chance to over think the shot the arrow was gone. The group bolted but one goat lagged before falling 25 yards from where he was hit, my prize was dead as a doornail the shot being useful and not another goat culling mission wasted..


I cant get enough of my Crucial top, quiet, flexible, hydrophobic and most importantly comfortable it is my upper layer garment of choice with scent holding capacity too I don’t think there is a better mid layer long sleeve top on the market..


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