Belly Crawls and Bassalt

August 01, 2012

Every Year I like to set myself a goal as a bowhunter. The fact that for the last 10 years it has been to take a nice Chital stag with a bow means little now the job is done.
2 Years ago I tasted partial success when I took a small stag but bad luck seemed to prevent me from achieving the ultimate goal…
As I lay not 20m from the bedded stag my heart rate rose. Between him and I was a fence and a large tuft of grass preventing me from seeing all of him but his head gear.
It had taken me the best part of an hour to close the gap this far. I had been in this situation so many times before but either the wind, a pesky doe or a case of buck fever and a wayward shot had seen me complete the walk of shame more times than I will ever admit.
Chital deer had been my voodoo animal for so many years and had nearly reached mystical status. It did not help that the guy I hunt them with takes them out without an ounce of trouble and had taken a nice stag out at 30m with his new recurve earlier that day. The preasure seemed to always be there.
At 20m there is still a whole lot that can go wrong for a bowhunter and this time it was a curious doe that would just not stop walking right up and looking at the strange camo clad object lying flat amongst the grass. Eventually it came- the high pitched warning bark that’s guaranteed to empty a paddock full of chital in 5 seconds flat.
Disappointed but not beaten we headed towards the back of the heavily treed paddock in which the deer use for safety. Half way across a large mob with a few nice stags was spotted but the station owners horses were between us and them and they had a nack of blowing well planned stalks (yer that was another days bad luck) so we decided not to bother and kept heading for the back corner.
A tree waving furiously was a sure sign of a stag rubbing his antlers and we snuck it to check it out.
With the stag busy polishing his antlers it was decided that I would go to the right using first tree between us and him and then the tree the stag was standing beside to block my approach.
38m was the reading on my range finder and my 30m pin was held half way up the stags shoulder.
At the shot the stag froze and the arrow hit its mark breaking his off side front shoulder on exit.
In 30m the stag was mine and my 10 year goal was accomplished.

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