Clothing Philosophy Introduction: Attack of the Clones

December 07, 2010









The New Zealand and Australian markets are both swamped in average underperforming clothing all built to price constraints with a lack of innovative design. Currently there are packs of hunters roaming the hills dressed like clones in cheap fleece. We’re not paying out on fleece, however the way it is being used does not give the hunter maximum performance. Good quality fleece is a great product but only when used correctly; more on this later.

The term “performance” is thrown around in the hunting clothing scene, however most of the hunting clothing has not changed during the past 10 years or more. Does the argument that the designs must be that good that they don’t need to change cut it? I will let you decide but consider this; would you buy a new car or computer today that was the same “high spec” model as the one you bought 10 years ago? Even if it was the greatest product 10 years ago, is out of date today. Hunting and hiking clothing are used in similar environments. If you look at the clothing sold in the hiking market, it is technical and performance orientated and a lot more functional than what is available in the hunting market. Why is this? Simply because the hunting market is stuck in the dark ages.

Breakthroughs in materials, zippers and laser cutting have all contributed to the ability to design more durable, faster drying and more breathable garments that pack down smaller so you will be more comfortable and safer in the outdoors.

During the next 6 weeks I will provide you with an insight into our new clothing range that is being launched 1st February 2011. I will explain to you the thinking behind what we have done and why. I look forward to receiving your comments and feedback to help us design better hunting clothing. Spread the word and tell your mates about this site so they can learn how to be more comfortable and safer in the outdoors.

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