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October 18, 2016

I was told by a wise old hunter many years ago that looking is your most important aspect of all hunting and that I should spend the most I can afford on a good pair of binoculars. I have seen people struggle with long distance spotting with poor optics, where they opted to spend the most available funds on the weapon of choice. For me it’s simple, if you cant see it you cant hunt it. So then comes the challenge of carrying your bino’s securely and safely in the best way possible to eliminate hassle and discomfort. The little gem that arrived in my mail box a few weeks ago has ticked all the boxes, here’s the run down.

Focus Bino Harness

The Hunters Element Binocular Harness is constructed with heavy duty 1 inch elastic, the biggest mistake from other harnesses in this class is the elastic is too weak and you get sag with heavier optics. I am lucky to have the use of both Leica Ultravids and Zeiss RF 45s, both fairly heavy but good in low light, they were supported well by this harness which is a real bonus. I opted to use the Leica on a recent Chamois hunt where we hiked, climbed and scrambled over 30km in 3 days, not once did I feel the elastic cutting into my shoulders of have excessive bounce –especially when jumping over logs and rocks. The real test was a big climb one morning, it was as if the binoculars were not even there, the mark of a good product is if you never curse it when excreting blood, sweat and tears in a physical mountain hunt.

HE Bino Harness
Heavy Bino’s well supported

After using most available harnesses over two decades of carrying binoculars, these are the perfect option and should be not overlooked when wanting a hassle free durable, secure bit of gear.

Chamois Bino Harness


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