GASPO Italy – OUTDRY, Is this the best boot waterproofing technology invented? 4/4

February 08, 2012

OutDry revolutionize the performance and comfort of waterproof/breathable footwear and gloves.

OutDry is the innovative Italian technology to waterproof footwear, gloves and other clothing items where the standard manufacturing techniques based on seam-sealed waterproof fabrics cannot be utilized.

Thanks to the OutDry patented lamination process, the waterproof/breathable membrane is directly bonded to the external layer of the shoe or glove, perfectly sealing any possible water entry point.

OutDry consistently improves finished items performance and comfort, especially if compared with the standard waterproofing system: a free ‘floating’ membrane (or combined with the lining), so called ‘bootie’ in footwear or ‘insert’ in gloves, but always separated from the external layer.

Developed and patented by Italian company Nextec srl, in collaboration with Komatsu Seiren co. Ltd. (Japan), OutDry technology is not an additional membrane in the market but a real innovation in waterproof/breathable footwear and gloves manufacture.

OutDry takes concrete advantages in terms of waterproofness and comfort:

  • The external layer and the membrane are a unique body: no more space in between;
  • Water penetration is blocked with out any weight increase in wet conditions;
  • The membrane has a very high capacity of water vapor permeability;
  • There is no seam sealing tape, then enabling to exploit 100% of the membrane breathable surface;
  • Keep a large volume of dry air between the skin and the membrane, reducing the risk of dew condensation.

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