Josh Lloyd – 12 points?

May 31, 2012

Using our headlights on a cold and blustery morning we made our way towards a known vantage point where we’ve spotted deer plenty of times before. The wind on the open country had us scurrying along the ridge top quicker than normal which almost cost us as darely. We neared the lookout in too much of a hurry only to spook a stag that was standing out in the open. Kicking ourselves for spooking the stag (one of the best we’ve seen in this area) we progressed on another few hundred metres when the young fulla up front (Matt) brought us all to a halt. “There’s one, and another”. Matt had spotted a hind, then another and then we all spotted a stag below us on the edge of the bush. Thinking it may have been the stag we had just spooked we didn’t muck around much with the shot. Throwing the ‘big gun’ over my day pack I ranged the stag at 300yrds, corrected for 2moa drop and touched off a shot into his shoulder. The loud ‘thwack’ confirmed the hit and the stag slumped forward, lurched and then crumpled. Not even half an hour into the hunt and we had a stag on the deck. You beauty.


Here’s Eden with my stag  

The stag was the best we’ve taken in this area so smiles and handshakes all around. He had 6 strong points on one side but lacked a 3rd top tine on the other. He did however have a small snag on one side that i guess makes him an 11 and a half pointer

Shooting the stag proved the easy part of the day as the rest of the morning was spent butchering and carting the meat out and then the afternoon spent filming, setting trail cameras and sussing out new country. The boys did however manage a couple of ducks by stalking a dam in the afternoon. What a great time of year as the stags feed up hard after the roar and duck season is in full swing.


They quickly set about plucking their ducks as we looked over some good country.

Watch this space for more stories from us as we continue to film a hunting DVD ready for release next year. We’ll be wearing and testing our Hunters Element gear as we film in all types of conditions and will give feedback as it happens. 

Cheers for now,


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