NEW Pinnacle Gaiters

June 30, 2016

The much anticipated Pinnacle Gaiters have finally arrived and we are confident that they might just be the toughest gaiters on the market! There has been a huge amount of research and testing that has gone in to these with two clear guidelines. “Tougher” and “Better Fitting”.

Pinnacle Gaiters

The Pinnacles have been designed with the most sculpted fitting design we think we have ever seen on a gaiter which allows absolute comfort and movement.

They have been built with:

  • Double stitched seams.
  • German thread.
  • Heavy duty YKK® Zippers.
  • Double Stitched Genuine Velcro®.

Before production we wanted to make sure that theory met practice with these things, so we gave a pair to Cody Weller to punish. Cody is a full time hunter, Culler and registered ‘Master Bow Hunter’. He hunts hard every day throughout New Zealand in the most rugged and horrible conditions. If anybody can bust gear it’s Cody Weller! He put them through over 900 hours of torture from Stewart Island through the Southern Alps and up to the high country of the North Island. Here’s what he had to say:

“Due to my line of work, gaiters are an everyday piece of my kit. Hunting day in and day out, from the heavy cover of the Marlborough Sounds to rocky pinnacles of the Kaikoura ranges – and everywhere in between.

There seemed to be a stage when I would purchase a pair of $120 gaiters and they would breakdown after a month or less of work. Plus, there were other issues like being too baggy or too noisy. Also a lot of other components were well below average; things like lace hooks too small and the list goes on. Such small, simple items were left begging. Then I got talking to Alex at Hunters Element and they were in the process of designing a new gaiter. After a conversation with Alex about some finer details, I was eagerly awaiting a chance to try the new Pinnacle Gaiters. The gaiters arrived late December 2015 and after 900 hours of hunting in some extremely harsh conditions, the gaiters are becoming second hand.

Cody Weller on Stewart Island .
Cody Weller on Stewart Island .

What I liked:
The lace hook is actually big enough to stay hooked to your boots as your foot and ankle flexes, plus it won’t straighten out under strain. They also are cut to fit your legs so there’s no loose material to cause extra drag as you cross the river. If you look closely, they are also double-stitched for strength and durability. The lightweight fleece keeps the Pinnacle Gaiters super quiet but lasts extremely well. I also found they come well down over the boots, stopping any gravel or sticks working their way in. For a knee high gaiter, they’re very lightweight and dry very quickly. The velcro strip is designed to wrap up and around your leg, which keeps it very clear of debris. Being in and around salt water, sweat, blistering heat, scree and sharp broken rocks has put these gaiters and its components to the full test. Which I think they have handled extremely well.” – Cody Weller.

Pinnacle Gaiters


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Size Chart


Place the tape measure around the large part of your chest, usually just below the arm pits. Don't stretch the tape too tight. Align this measurement with the table below to help select your size.

XXS 85-90 33-35
XS 90-95 35-37
S 95-100 37-39
M 100-105 39-41
L 105-110 41-43
XL 110-115 43-45
2XL 115-120 45-47
3XL 120-125 47-49
4XL 125-130 49-51
5XL 130-135 51-53



WAIST: Place the tape measure around your waist, just above where your trousers would normally naturally rest. Don't pull the tape tight, but make sure it is snug. Align this measurement with the table below to help select your size. 

INSEAM: This is the measurement from the center of the crotch on our trousers, to the base of the inner leg.

XXS 71-74 28-29 78
XS 75-79 30-31 79
S 80-84 32-33 80
M 85-89 34-35 81
L 90-94 36-37 82
XL 95-99 38-39 83
2XL 100-104 40-41 84
3XL 105-109 42-43 84
4XL 110-114 44-45 85
5XL 115-120 46-47 85



Our outer layer trousers are designed to be worn over the top of your regular trousers. The sizing is therefore larger than our regular trousers. Below are the dimensions of the outer layer trousers.

XXS 83-86 33-34 79
XS 87-90 34-35 80
S 91-94 36-37 81
M 95-98 37-38 82
L 99-102 39-40 83
XL 103-106 41-42 84
2XL 107-110 42-43 84
3XL 111-114 44-45 85
4XL 115-118 45-46 86



This is the measurements of the person, not the garments.

8  84cm / 33" 74cm / 29.1" 106cm / 41.7"
10  89cm / 35" 78cm / 30.7" 110cm / 43.3"
12  94cm / 37" 82cm / 32.3" 114cm / 44.9"
14  99cm / 39" 86cm / 33.9" 118cm / 46.4"
16 104cm / 41" 90cm / 35.4" 122cm / 48"  
18 109cm / 43" 94cm / 37"   126cm / 49.6"
20 114cm / 45" 98cm / 38.6"

130cm / 51.2"



All sizes are US men's sizing. Measure from the from the back of your heel to the end of your longest toe.

US FOOT LENGTH (approximate)
7 9.6 in / 24.4 cm
8 9.9 in / 25.2 cm
9 10.25 in / 26 cm
10 10.6 in / 26.8 cm
11 10.9 in / 27.8 cm
12 11.25 in / 28.6 cm 
13 11.6 in / 29.4 cm



Measure the circumference of calves at the thickest point. The size on the chart is the largest measurement that will fit in the gaiter. Gaiters can be tightened, but cannot be stretched to fit legs larger than the measurements shown on the chart.



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