Pigeon Pies- Reheated

September 04, 2012

Following an epic Saturday tally of 212 pigeons, we had the fever! All we could think about was the next shoot. Thinking caps on: Where were a lot of pigeons roosting? Where are they feeding?
A couple places came to mind but we had no time to do the recon, so we made the gamble, dug out all our ammo as we ran out on the Saturday and we were not going to have a repeat!

Sunday dawned overcast with drizzle in the North Waikato but this would not deter us. We setup on some old maize stubble with new sprouts of grass coming through. A few small mobs were flying around but nothing like the concentration we had witnessed the day before, until we fired our 1st shots…. We had found the mother load! A mob of 100-150 lifted and teased us swinging over the decoys. After 3 laps swinging around overhead with 3 shooters with pigeon fever loaded to the hilt…..what do you do??

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