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May 30, 2012

At Hunters Element we are design and technology driven.  When we get the opportunity to use new technology to create better gear we do.  Our aim is to create gear that will let you beat the elements, we want you guys to be able to hunt harder, climb higher, explore further and have the ultimate hunting experience. 

The technology that drives us is in turn driven by our requirements and our desires.  In the outdoor world this usually comes from the hardcore expedition guys climbing mountains, they need gear to be lighter, more durable, packable and most of all dependable.  All good traits we ask for in our hunting clothing. 

Although soft-shell technology is fairly new to the hunting market, it has been a focal point of the outdoor clothing industry for a while.  Soft-shell garments are gaining tremendous momentum in this market, and for good reasons.  In our hunting market the adoption and uptake of soft-shell has been slow and tentative at best.

Soft-shell fabrics are taking over wind block fleeces.  Wind block fleeces are great, but soft-shell (when constructed properly) does the same job and it does it better.

– It keeps you just as warm

– Holds less water

– Dries quicker

– Weighs less

– Packs smaller

The only downside being that soft-shell’s are generally a bit noisier when brand new than wind block fleeces.  However they do soften with time and become nearly as quiet as fleece garments.


Hunters Element produces the only hunting specific soft shell garment in the New Zealand market.  Our Core Soft Shell was designed for the lightweight technical hunter, with a chest pocket big enough for binos, a slightly longer cut, large pit zips and in our frost green colour. 

We have now realised that there is room in the hunting market for an even more specific soft shell garment, one that truly meets all the needs of the technical hunter.  But we need to know what you guys really want in an “all round” style wind block garment? What features are important to you and what you want Hunters Element to do to push garment development further?

We need your help, please post a comment below or alternatively flick me an email with your suggestions:

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