Summer Layering Guide

December 18, 2012

Summer weather brings a new challenge and changes the game for hunting. No longer is it necessary to pack layer upon layer just to keep your body temperature up but rather a process of carefully picking gear for the conditions.

Layering is a crucial part of any hunt and can make or break it. Below is Hunters Element guide to keeping comfortable this summer.

Morning Layering Guide

The summer mornings quite often bring a frost and are quite cool leaving your best option to be wearing the Hydrapel Trousers or the Hyrdapel Shorts depending on what you prefer,  the Prime Summer Long Sleeve top with a Core Soft Shell over the top to keep warm and dry in the frosty mornings.


Day Layering Guide

As the day heats up and depending where you are it can get mighty hot, I would pack the Core Soft Shell in to my pack and carry on wearing the Hydrapel Trousers or Hydrapel Shorts and the Prime Summer top for the rest of the day. If the odd summer shower was to roll in then you would whip out your Core Soft Shell to stay warm and dry without overheating in the wet and muggy conditions.


Evening Layering Guide

Summer nights can get quite cold, well it certainly can feel like after operating at a high temperature all day. I would definitely put the Core Soft Shell back on in the evening as the temperature drops, allowing you to stay warm as you use those extra few hours of night to glass the riverbeds and the clearings.

Remember it’s all about layering, the correct layering system saves on weight, bulk and allows you to beat the elements.

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